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Teeth Whitening, Mouth Guards & Denture Relines in Nanaimo

Are you facing any issues with your dentures? If yes, Harbour City Denture Clinic can help. Apart from regular denture solutions, we offer various other services, including denture relines in Nanaimo, for new and returning patients. Visit us for the following:

We ensure to provide you with a warm and welcoming environment where you feel comfortable discussing your concerns. We have an in-house lab where we carry out each job with complete attention to detail.

Please contact us if you'd like to make an appointment for denture relines in Nanaimo.


The tissues and bones in your mouth are constantly changing while your denture remains the same, making it necessary to refit your denture periodically. Other factors such as illness, disease, weight loss and the loss of a tooth can also make relines necessary. With relines, impressions are taken and new acrylic material is added to the underside of your dentures that rest against your natural tissues to restore the fit. Relines are generally needed approximately every 2 years but vary for each individual. If your denture is feeling loose or ill-fitting and/or you need to use an adhesive to keep it in place, have an examination with your denturist.

Signs You Require Denture Relining

To keep dentures fitting perfectly, regular denture relining is necessary. Dentures can deteriorate with time or from improper maintenance. If there is a problem with your dentures, visit your denturist.


Some signs we recommend paying attention to are:

  • Changes in speech such as slurring and developing a lisp
  • Oral ulcers or sores
  • Discomfort while wearing dentures
  • Difficulty chewing

If you notice any of these signs or if your last reline was more than two years ago, please visit us for a denture reline in Nanaimo.


In some cases the acrylic portion of a denture wears out at a faster pace than the teeth, making it necessary to replace or "rebase" the pink acrylic material while keeping the existing teeth.


General wear and tear can place stress on your dentures, leading to micro-cracks which eventually worsen. A denture repair aims to address and fix any damages to your existing dentures. If your dentures have a chip, a fracture in the acrylic, a tooth fell out, or you notice a small crack, we advise you to come in for a repair. Ignoring the damage can aggravate it and cause you discomfort. We understand going without your dentures can be inconvenient. For this reason, we try our best to repair your dentures as soon as possible. We can almost always provide same-day repairs within 2- 3 hours. 

Please reach out to us if you'd like to make an appointment for denture repair in Nanaimo.

Soft Liners

There are certain cases where individuals may benefit from the application of a soft liner to their denture. Our soft liners are made of Molloplast B®, the dental industry leader in soft liners, and are applied to the hard surface of your denture to provide an additional layer of comfort and improve retention. They are used most often on the lower jaw. Soft liners aid in situations where the gums have flattened or for individuals who are more sensitive to wearing dentures in general. Soft liners also benefit people experiencing chronic sore spots. They can be applied to new dentures or retrofitted to your existing pair.

Mouth Guards

Any sport which presents a risk of contact or collision to the face including hockey, football, baseball, boxing, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, rugby, BMX biking, etc., can result in injuries to the jaw and teeth. Wearing a custom mouth guard can prevent or reduce the extent of sport injuries, including lost or chipped teeth, injuries to lips and cheeks, jaw fractures and even concussions, while allowing you to safely participate in the sports you enjoy.

Tooth Whitening

Your natural teeth might become stained for various reasons, including tea, coffee, nicotine, and tetracycline consumption. In cases where existing teeth are stained and will be noticeable next to a partial denture, a teeth whitening agent can be applied to improve the aesthetics. Preferably, the treatment would be done before a new prosthetic is fabricated so the denturist can assist you in choosing a tooth shade that will blend well with the colour of your natural teeth. You cannot use a tooth whitening agent on prosthetic teeth.

Cleaning and Polishing

Like natural teeth, dentures require regular cleaning. Stains may develop and the porous surface of your dentures can accumulate bacteria and calculus which cause them to weaken and negatively impact your oral health. A visit for a quick cleaning and polishing can restore your denture’s natural lustre and finish.

Name Insertion

Your name can be permanently embedded into a discreet location of your denture, not visible while you are wearing it. This simple procedure can really benefit individuals in care homes and hospital settings where tracing back misplaced dentures to their owners can be challenging.

Our Brands Include:

Ivoclar Nobel Biocare

Our Supplier

Fibre Force

If you are interested in learning more about complete dentures, denture over implants or an immediate denture option, feel free to book a complimentary consultation at our clinic.


The Master of his craft. He's magically gifted me with a new look, a new smile & a new life!!! Forever grateful.
- P. H.


Hardly Notice Them
My new dentures are wonderful. They are just like a second skin. It is almost like they are not there. I have no issues - and I am very, very happy!
- Dawn


So Comfortable
Darren, my new teeth fit like an old pair of slippers - they are excellent. They are so comfortable to wear, I don't even notice they are there. They are just stellar. Thank you.
- Doris


Kind Service
Thank you so much for your kind help in repairing my dentures! We are so happy with the results...Thank you again!
- Valerie


A Fab Fit
Bloody Marvelous! The fit is fabulous. Thank you!
- Elizabeth


No Sore Spots
Darren just a follow-up on my new denture. Couldn't be happier. Well done. Just love those teeth! Not one sore spot.
- Gary


My teeth are 100% perfect! Thanks for giving me back my smile. I just wanted to let you know how much your professionalism is appreciated. Thanks for the extra care and the awesome new teeth!!
- Jeff


Darren the flipper feels great, looks great. Excellent Service! I appreciate everything Darren.
- Richard


All in the Details
 I am so happy with your attention to detail. They feel Great! Thanks Darren.
- Pat


Expert Work
Thank you for all your patience and expert work. I am pleased and very comfortable with my new smile. Thank you Darren.
- Cathy


Top of the Line
Many, many thanks for giving me back my smile! You really do produce the Cadillac of dentures. I have received so many compliments! 
- Lee

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